Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking is a technique for installing underground pipelines using powerful hydraulic jacks to push the specially designed pipes led by a fully mechanised tunnel boring machine from a jacking pit towards the receiving pit.

This trenchless technology for sewer construction has become increasingly common in recent years in Malaysia. Its benefits are especially apparent for replacement of aging gravity sewers in established neighbourhoods, laying of gravity sewers in ground with high water table, installation of sewers crossing underside roads, railways, rivers, etc.

At present, most of the local authorities have imposed on the requirement of the adopting pipe jacking for pipe/conduit laying works to minimise the interruption to the public and traffic.

Envitech Sdn Bhd successfully completed and handed over the Project Pakej D55 to Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan on 28th January, 2017

In this project, approximately 14.5km pipe jacking works were completed for installation of sewer sizes ranging from 225 mm dia. to 1,350 mm dia. The works undertaken were well accepted by the residents in Taman Sentosa and Taman Sri Andalas with minimum interruption to their daily activities.

Excavation to form a jacking pit

Setting up of underground boring machine

Execution of pipe jacking inside the jacking pit

Construction of manhole within the jacking pit upon completion of pipe jacking