Core Business

The principal business of Envitech is in the area of sewerage and sewage treatment plant. The company provides turnkey and specialist engineering services for the design, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of various types of sewage treatment plants, such as oxidation ponds, aerated lagoons, conventional activated sludge system, extended aeration activated sludge system, oxidation ditch, rotating biological contactors, and intermittently decanted extended aeration (IDEA) activated sludge system, pumping stations as well as gravity sewers using both open cut and jacking methods.  Our services also include the provision of consultancy services for process design of specialised wastewater treatment facilities.

The scope of business of Envitech also extends to other related environmental areas such as upgrading and optimizing of existing sewage treatment plants and pumping stations and providing operation and maintenance services for sewage treatment plants. Envitech also undertake construction of infrastructure works such as main drains and pipe culverts, laying of sewers and force mains.